The Basketball Court is a public play area in South Park and a frequent hangout for the boys.



Cartman hogs the ball from Kyle during a basketball game. Al Gore appears in a ManBearPig costume and hands the boys "ManBearPig awareness" fliers. Randy picks them up, and is skeptical about Al.

"Lice Capades"

The boys take Kenny here to give him a sock bath for failing a blood test, and lying about his lice. Even though Cartman manipulated the test, and Mrs. Garrison revealed that they all had lice, they continued to give him a sock bath anyway.

"Night of the Living Homeless

A group of homeless people rest on the ground at the basketball Court. Cartman barely jumps over a homeless person on his skateboard, and continues to do so in other places.

"Guitar Queer-O

Cartman argues with Craig for "cheating" during a basketball game. Butters comes to tell Cartman and the rest of the boys that Stan and Kyle are about to break one million points at guitar hero.

"Obama Wins!"

Stan and Kenny hang out with Craig's Gang here, and are later alerted by Kyle of Cartman's hand in the false election.

"Freemium Isn't Free"

Satan sends Stan through a portal here from Hell after possessing his body to defeat the Canadian Minister of Mobile Gaming. The portal opened from the ground of the basketball court. Fire, and arms were visible while Stan emerged from it.


While Cartman, Stan, and Kenny play a basketball game, Kyle shows up, angry, and begin arguing with Cartman about Ike not getting out of his room because of his YouTube blog.

"PC Principal Final Justice"

After Kyle tells Butters, Kenny, and Cartman that they need to buy guns to be safe, they appear at the basketball court with their new guns.

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