Ancient Aliens at Thanksgiving

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Ancient Aliens at Thanksgiving is a T.V. show seen in the Season Fifteen episode, "A History Channel Thanksgiving". It is a parody of the real History Channel series Ancient Aliens.


Ancient Aliens at Thanksgiving is a show run by The History Channel and is part of a running series on the first Thanksgiving in 1621. The show speculates that the first Thanksgiving was influenced by extraterrestrial beings from another planet. It is narrated like most History Channel shows are narrated, with a deep voiced individual. The show used stock film and pictures with artists' renditions of aliens superimposed.

Some of the theories the History Channel presented included the origins of turkey stuffing, that Cape Cod in Massachusetts looks like an "alien being" when seen from the air, and a hand drawn in the shape of a turkey indicates where the aliens came from.

A group of supposed "experts", with low credibility, were interviewed, with their answers taken out of context, to make the alien hypothesis more convincing to the audience.

The show later theorizes that the Indians and the Pilgrims may have come from other planets themselves. It later attempts to show that the first Thanksgiving may have been haunted, by superimposing ghosts into the film and images.

History Experts Interviewed

  • Duncan Everton - Professor of History, Oakmont High School.
  • Charles Biggens - Culinary Associates of America.
  • Kyle Broflovski - Ph. D. Professor of Thanksgiving, DeVry Institute.
  • Stan Marsh - History Expert.

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