"America is Back!" is a song sung by Randy Marsh at the end of the Season Fifteen episode, "T.M.I.".


When Surgeon General Dr. Rebecca Turnod discredits Randy Marsh's math equation on penis size, they get into a fight. Randy forms the "Pissed of Angry Guys" party, and forces the Surgeon General resign her position. Dr. Turnod concedes that the US Government's T.M.I. scale was fabricated and gives Randy his credit. He and the rest of his angry men's group celebrate with this song, except for Cartman, who is still too small according to the new size equation.



The winds of change are blowin'.
There's excitement in the air.
Can you feel it? It's electric and magical.
The happy train's on track.
'Cause America is BACK!
Woohoo! Come on!

Cartman:Wait, what?


America is back!
America is back!

Cartman:Wait! According to that scale, I still have a small wiener!


We're back, we're back, we're back back back!
America is back!

Cartman:I'm still fucking angry!


Back and we're back and we're back!
We're so back, we're so back back back back back back!