FANDOM is an online retailer and was featured in the Season Sixteen episode, "Insecurity".


Many of the townsfolk buy merchandise from Amazon, but forget why. It was speculated that the UPS package delivery man, who is named Thad, was using the website as a ruse to sexually assault the husbands' wives while they are at work. Stephen Stotch was also certain he was being tricked into contact with Thad when he could not remember what he had ordered when his package arrived. To get rid of the UPS man, the men heed the advice the Old Farmer and ambush him. They all buy Bane masks like the ones seen in the film The Dark Knight Rises to use as disguises as they beat him up at a storage locker facility.

The items ordered from as mentioned in the episode include parring knives for Sharon Marsh, a book for Stan Marsh and an iPhone adapter for Stephen Stotch. Due to his belief in the rumours about Thad, Randy Marsh tries to boycott, but finds going to physical stores too time consuming.

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