For the episode with the same name, see "A Million Little Fibers"

A Million Little Fibers is an autobiography written by Towelie, under the false name of Steven McTowelie. It became extremely popular and even made "Oprah's Book of the Month", until people found out Towelie wasn't a human, but rather a disguised towel.


After getting fired from P.F. Chang's, Towelie realized that there is no way to pay rent. He then gets high and goes home where he begins to type an autobiography entitled A Million Little Fibers. He then gives the story to a publisher, which turns him down, because nobody wants to read a towel's autobiography. Later, Towelie makes some alterations to the book by changing words, such as "towel", to "person". Towelie later goes to a different publisher, wearing a fake mustache and hat. This publisher loves it and it gets published.


A Million Little Fibers became a hit and eventually made "Oprah's Book of the Month". His appearance made the book a bestseller and inspired many people.


Once the lie gets out about Towelie being a Towel, people become furious with Towelie and eventually start an angry mob, lead by Oprah Winfrey, and attempt to kill Towelie.


  • The book is a parody of the book A Million Little Pieces by James Frey and the scandal involving it.
  • According to the first publisher, chapters 4 through 8 are all about Doritos Brand Corn Chips.