"A Chorus of Wieners" is a (out of tune) parody of the theme song from the cable TV show Game of Thrones. It was heard in the Season Seventeen episode, "A Song of Ass and Fire", and in place of the South Park Theme, during the South Park Title Sequence of "Titties and Dragons". It was performed by a choir at George R. R. Martin's house.


Paladin Butters and Sir Scott make it to George R.R. Martin's house and ask about the dragons for Wizard Cartman's Game of Throne's battle strategy. George is reluctant to let them in until he is told about Scott being a diabetic and needs to eat for medical emergencies. George promises pizza and the inside details of how his book and TV series ends but instead goes on a tangent about penises.



[Wiener, wiener wiener, wiener wiener (continues in background)]
One wiener, next to another wiener
[Wiener, wiener wiener, wiener wiener (continues in background)]
Two wieners alongside yet another wiener
[Party, wiener party, wiener party, party party, wiener party, wiener wiener (continues in background)]
Soft wieners, nice and soft, non-erect wieners!
[Keep them flopping, flopping wieners, floppy floppy, dangle wieners, dangle dangle (continues in background)]
Five wieners in my face