"AIDSburger in Paradise" is a song sung by Jimmy Buffett in the Season Twelve episode, "Tonsil Trouble".


Elton John was scheduled to play at Eric Cartman's AIDS benefit but couldn't attend because he performed instead at a cancer benefit. Instead, Jimmy Buffett played this song to show his support.

When the cure for AIDS was found, Jimmy Buffett sang another parody entitled, "Cureburger in Paradise."


  • The song is a parody of two of Jimmy Buffett's songs, "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and "Margaritaville".


AIDSburger in Paradise

AIDSburger in Paradise!
AIDSburger and it ain't nice!
A little boy in South Park
Dyin' of AIDS in the cold dark
How he got AIDS I haven't a clue
Wastin' away again because of AIDS and stuff

Cureburger in Paradise

Cureburger in paradise!
Cureburger. There I said it twice!