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See also: 1998 New Year's Countdown and 2000 New Year's Countdown

The 1999 New Year's Countdown is a short skit created for Comedy Central featuring Mr. Mackey counting down to the new year.


This is the second New Year's countdown produced for Comedy Central, the previous being the "1998 New Year's Countdown". One more was made for the countdown to 2000.


Mr. Mackey: Hello and welcome to the South Park New Year's Eve countdown, m'kay. We're going to count down to the new year and, uh, then we're gonna celebrate. Please don't celebrate by doing drugs. Drugs are bad, m'kay. Uh, don't drink, cuz drinking's bad. You can have sex though. Sex, sex is okay. [Countdown timer appears starting at ten seconds] Okay, here we go, uh, we're gonna count down now.

M'kay, nine!
What? Okay, I'm s- apparently my watch is fast; I started too soon. So we'll uh, we'll uh, do this right. [countdown resets to :10] Okay, here we go:
M'kay, seven!
M'kay, four!
Alright then, it's uh, 1999. M'kay, happy new year.

[End of 1999 New Year's Countdown.]

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