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They took our job! They took der jerbs!! Durka durr!!

"They took our jobs!" is one of many running jokes presented on South Park. The phrase was first used in the episode "Goobacks". It returns in "Margaritaville", and later in "W.T.F.".


In "Goobacks", time-traveling immigrants come from the year 3045 to find work. The immigrants work for such a small amount of money that companies start firing off all of their employees to hire the immigrants. Later, at a meeting about the immigrants, the foreman, Darryl Weathers, angrily exclaims "They took our jobs!". This leads the other workers to also use the term. Others also say 'Dey took er jerbs!" and others paraphrased and mispronounced claims using heavy accent as such, aparrently the intention being to indicate the members of the union are complete rednecks.


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