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Favorite Kyle ship with girls

  • Kyle x Heidi
  • Kyle x Bebe
  • Kyle x Nichole
  • Kyle x Rebecca
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Save your Money!

A new series of funko pop s is coming! 😀
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Season 22

Last night's episode was so funny and one of my favorites now! XD I hope there will be an episode where the boys visit Stan's farm!
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Tegridy Farms Thoughts and Reaction

What did everybody think of last night's episode "Tegridy Farms"? Take our Discussions poll below and comment your thoughts on the episode!

Personal Thoughts: Personally, this was awesome. I loved South Park's take on the JUUL and vape epidemic as well as weed. Which is nicely timed (Canadians you feel me). This episode also featured more screentime for Kyle which I loved and we even had Towelie show up! Don't really have too much to say about this one, other then the fact it was LIT. I also initially was like "shit... Another Randy episode" but it turned out to be pretty funny with Randy in this one on the farm growing weed. All and all I thought this was an awesome episode and would rate it 10/10 Perfect Episode!

Do you agree? Let me know!

Thoughts on Tegridy Farms?
  • Loved It
  • Meh
  • Sucked
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Pastor Steven L Anderson Is Gonna Pray For Barack Obama To Die And Go To Hell
Pastor Steven L Anderson Is Gonna Pray For Barack Obama To Die And Go To Hell YouTube
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Is Kyle, the voice of reason, truly good?

Here's a semi controversial question because why not

So...IS Kyle a genuinely good person?
  • Yes- he's not always successful, but tries his best whenever he can
  • No- he's a massive hypocrite who only wants to have moral high ground
  • Kyle is morally ambiguous
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Leaving this site

Based upon some personal issues I am dealing with regarding Tumblr and my previous struggle with South Park and its toxic fandom, I would like to leave this site and have my account permanently deleted. Posting here is not healthy for me, and neither is obsessing over fictional ships or cartoons that will ultimately have no effect on my real life whether they take place or not. I would like for whichever administrator available to delete my account permanently and to leave this site.

I hope you all continue to find enjoyment in this show and have fun shipping cartoon characters and find a good escape to your troubles in your daily life. Farewell. I am also sorry to anyone I may have offended by posting my often strong opinions. I respect whatever opinions you all may have had.

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Who is your favorite Wendy voice actress?

Of the four women of whom have voiced Wendy, which one is your favorite?

Please Vote Here!
  • Mary Kay Bergman
  • Eliza J. Schneider
  • Mona Marshall
  • April Stewart
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Halloween soon!

Whats ur favorite Halloween related episode? Mine is A Nightmare On Face Time.
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2204 - Tegridy Farms Pre-Release Discussion

Hey everyone! Back this week!

Details have been released for the fourth episode of South Park, Tegrid Farms. Butters is selling vape pens and all kinds of fruity-flavored vape accessories at school. Meanwhile, Randy decides he should move the family to the country and take up farming.

The promo has also been released (only to atm, i'll link youtube when it comes)

So, umm, i have a job atm working in a vape shop so, hmm, they can see me? From the promo, it looks like it will focus on all the boys trying to stop butters, or mainly kyle, and ike. It seems vaping may be treated like drug dealing. will butters be arrested? are there others selling vaping stuff?

The subplot sounds like it could be like the simpsons' E-I-E-I-Doh, where they start growing tomacco (tomato and cannabis). I might be wrong tho. Will this be one of Randy's addictions? What will Sharon think about this? Will the Old Farmer make an appearance? And do you want some e-liquid? All these questions and more will probably be answered on Wednesday.

Episode 2204 Tegridy Farms
Episode 2204 Tegridy Farms South Park Archives
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Do you guys like Heidi as a character?

Do you believe Heidi is a positive character in this series, and are you interested in her journey and growth throughout the series? Do you find her a refreshing character, or annoying and unnecessary? Do you think she should remain single and focused on herself, or do you want her romantically paired up with someone? What do you think her role in the series was meant to be? Explain your reasoning.

If you like her, please tell me why. Same goes for if you dislike her.

P.S. I noticed Heidi was a lot meaner in the earlier seasons of South Park. I rewatched the episode “Marjorine” and can’t believe how cruel she behaved at the sleepover. It seemed so unlike current Heidi Turner. She also seemed to be the typical cheerleading popular girl with a large circle of friends in earlier seasons, but was changed into a much “nicer”, kinder character starting from season 20 up. She also wasn’t this soft, progressive, pacifistic vegan-type character she is being portrayed as now. What’s up with that?

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Are they any other fans on here that dislike Kydi (Kyle x Heidi)?

If so, what are your reasons for disliking this pairing? Do you believe they will eventually end up being together? Do you feel that Kyle and Heidi are compatible and well suited for each other? Would their relationship, or potential involvement in one in the series, interest you in the slightest? What do you believe is best for them in the series, and who do you ship them with (if with anyone at all)? Is Kydi a “healthy” ship?

I know, that’s a lot of questions but... discuss!

P.S. What do you headcanon Kyle’s sexuality to be? Heidi’s?

And do not turn this thread into a pro Kydi one talking about your love for this pairing and how they “deserve” each other. I want to hear reasons people might dislike the pairing. There are many pro Kyle x Heidi threads already.

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Season 22

I really hope Heidi x Kyle will become a thing
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Season 22

Omg the new episode was so funny!! I loved the PC babys XD I'm going to miss Mr. Hankey though! I wonder if Mr. Hankeys family is ok. Also poor Kyle had to go through all of that drama with Mr. Hankey

But I can't wait for the new episode!!! :D
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South Park Season 23 moved by Disney Channel

Premiere South Park on Disney Channel

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Now I really want those four to get an episode of their own!

Just imagine: An episode centered around "Craig and those Guys"

I really want to see that!

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PC babies and Hankey tweets

Hi everyone. The latest episode is very weird in my opinion. FIRST of all: The babies. We know that strong woman gave birth to 5 babies who are PC babies. I suprised a little bit. I know, this is South Park but...V. Principal drove the car instead of PC and 5 babies immediately? Wow! But they have cool sunglasses. Anyway. And PC is the mammy...I don't think that will work in the future. But on the other hand, they are cute as a family. SECOND:Mr. Hankey. South Park said goodbye to Hankey, the Xmas poo. I'm sad and I feel weird because of his behavior. I think he's in a good place now.(Once I watched SP at night and my dad came to my room and watched with me, but I felt asleep. Next morning I got up and I talked with him about yesterday and he came up with it. "A talking piece of shit. What a hell?" he asked, and I said "Yeah, this is South Park.")😂 Anyway. His tweets was so mad and poor Kyle. He was trying to help but Hankey made it worse. And Cartman was right(this happened ladies and gentlemen, Cartman was right). Everyone was mad at him and(sorry) Hankey was a douchebag. But we have to say goodbye to Mr. Hankey. What is important? Don't do drugs, when you can't sleep...:)
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The South Park Fandom is Toxic

I am not pointing any fingers or trying to complain about anything, but the South Park fandom (particularly the one that posts frequently on Tumblr) is just... negative to me. I have never seen so many angry, obsessive people arguing over literal animated pieces of cardboard who do not even exist.

The shipping wars are just as toxic, with people trying to shove a pairing down your throat and getting angry at you when you disagree with what they believe. I am also so sick of people fighting over whether Heidi should be with Kyle or Cartman on social media and of seeing hashtags saying “she deserves better”... I just don’t care anymore. It’s old news and not even relevant anymore.

I am am also tired of obsessive fangirls portraying Kyle as if he were some godly saint and making every other character appear like the bad guy. As much as I do like his character, it gets on my nerves when people idealize him for something he’s not. I am tired of every character being portrayed as some good-looking bishounen in fan art when I’m reality, they all (even the girls) look the same, just with different clothing and hairstyles/hats. I am also tired of perverted fan fiction that ages up and sexualizes 10 year olds meant to be in the fourth grade.

Sometimes I miss the days when something was a random show that wasn’t serialized and full of drama, and when half it’s fandom didn’t try to make every other character gay or force a relationship between any character who interacts for like, 5 seconds, in an episode.

I miss the old South Park and its old fans, who actually cared about the series and having a good laugh with the show (sometimes anyway, as I don’t even think it’s funny anymore) rather than sexualizing cartoons and obsessing over whether their ship will become canon or not.

I just had to say what I feel. No hard feelings or offense intended, but this fandom is like a cancer sometimes.

I am not talking about this particular wiki or discussion section, either. I’m just generally speaking.

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