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Season 23 Ideas and Predictions

Come up with ideas and predictions for Season 23

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• 2d

My thoughts on "Bike Parade"

The victum of Amazon prime and Amazon itself was good. But this wrap up episode seemed very uneventful. The problem was summed up in way that resembles the messy and thrown together events of season 20's "Son of Witchs." The episode should have been a three parter. Every season finale for the latest seasons are always disappointing. I get the joke with Weed solving everyones problems, but it seemed very thrown together. This episode had so much potential but its hard to do so when 12 minutes of your episode feels like filler. What does everyone else think?
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• 3d

R.I.P. Kenny

Rest in peace, Kenny #97. (2017-2018) You figured out Jeff Bezos's true intentions, stood up to him, and died for your efforts. We honor your sacrifice, and you shall be missed. ;-;

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• 3d

Is incredible how they can put so much personality in a bike parade

Also, this parade is sponsored by the restaurant Jeniffer Lopez works at!

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• 5d

Phone Destroyer Cards

Players, which is the BEST card of the game an why?
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• 12/10/2018


Ok so I can’t deny it I LOVE the show!!! My fave character would be cartman! Who does everyone else like? And why??
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• 12/10/2018

What's his motivation?

Wow... Okay, so apparently after having an entire episode dedicated to him with "The Scoots," Kenny's gonna have a role in the next episode according to the new episode details. And being the massive Kenny fan that I am, I couldn't be happier.

Though I am confused. Apparently he's protesting commercialism with the rest of the striking workers, and refusing to participate in the bike parade. But... HE was the one who wanted to go to the bike parade in the first place, with the promise of a cash prize and seeing those off-duty Raisins girls and all. What caused Kenny to change his mind like that? Any thoughts?

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• 12/10/2018

Unfulfilled Thoughts and Reaction

What did everybody think of last Wednesday's episode "Unfulfilled" Take our Discussions poll below and comment your thoughts on the episode!

Thoughts on Unfulfilled
  • Loved it
  • Liked it
  • Meh
  • White Trash in Trouble
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• 12/9/2018

Which Appearance of Stan Marsh do you guys prefer the most?

  • Stan with his Jacket on.
  • Stan with his "100% Hemp Tegridy Farms" Shirt.
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• 12/6/2018

South Park

I'm confused is #CancelSouthpark a joke or do they actually want South Park to end?
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• 12/6/2018


What happened to Officer Barbrady? The last time I saw him was on season 19 and his ark was unfinnished...
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• 12/5/2018

Where can I view episodes 200 and 201?

I want to watch these episodes. If I buy the season 14 DVD set will they be on there? I was going to get it on Amazon but one person gave it a one star staring that those two episodes were not on there. I do not care if they are censored or not! I jist want to see them. Thanks!
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• 12/3/2018

How far would they go?

Now Trey and Matt have never been afraid of pushing buttons and offending people. But do you think we’ll ever get a Super Best Friends Civil War? Seeing how the team consists of religious figures, would they do it?
Jesus in a fist fight with Buddha or Muhammed fighting Josef Smith?
Or would that be to much. If anybody would do it, it’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
What do you think?
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• 12/1/2018

Best South Park Trilogy?

Since polls have an amazing success here on the wiki, I decided to make one about South Park Trilogies. Everyone loves multi-parter episodes, am I right?

So we have 5 trilogies (with consecutive episodes).

Ad Trilogy(s19): 8, 9, 10.

Black Friday Trilogy(s17): 7, 8, 9

Coon and Friends Trilogy(s14): 11, 12, 13

Imaginationland Trilogy(s11): 10, 11, 12

Meteor Shower Trilogy(s3): 7, 8, 9

What is your favorite Trilogy?
  • Ad Trilogy
  • Black Friday Trilogy
  • Coon and Friends Trilogy
  • Imaginationland Trilogy
  • Meteor Shower Trilogy
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• 12/1/2018

Predictions on last two episodes (and thoughts on Mr. Garrison)

Alright people. What are your predictions for last two episodes? Share your thoughts on this thread.

Also share your thoughts on Mr. Garrison. What happened to him, will he return on this season at all?
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• 12/1/2018

Season Finale Prediction (my 1st post)

South Park wants to parody Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next Video starring Wendy as Ariana Grande and other 4th grader girls. The Boys will be their cameos. Episode Title was "Hate U, Next" coincide with the episode by the boys pranked everything.

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• 12/1/2018

Buddha Box Thoughts and Reaction

What did everybody think of last Wednesday's episode "Buddha Box" Take our Discussions poll below and comment your thoughts on the episode!

Personal Thoughts: Personally, I thought this was a pretty funny episode. It definitely drove home a point that we are all on our phones too damn much. I also liked the PC Babies returning and having pretty much a good majority of the episode be about them. However, I was left feeling it was overall a weak episode compared to the other ones this season. All and all I'd rate this episode a 7/10 GOOD Episode!

Do you agree? Let me know! In the comments below and be sure to take the poll!

What did YOU think of Buddha Box
  • Good
  • Meh
  • Bad
  • Shitty
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• 11/29/2018

People were really upset about the Creek ship during the premiere clip

I like Creek (one of the few ships in South Park that actually works... regarding the show and not the fangirls that is) but people were making a huge deal out of it just because Craig had a MINOR complaint about Tweek during said scene used for the promo.

Let's be honest, we all have a friend/sibling/cousin etc. who we all whish would keep quiet for some seconds and give us some space

I bet that if it was Token having a minor complaint about Nichole (or Stan and Wendy for that matter), people wouldn't have given a shit.

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• 11/29/2018

PC Principle X Strong Woman

Anyone else love the relationship between PC Principle and Strong Woman? it's my favourite canon couple by far the latest episode was beautiful.

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• 11/29/2018

PC Babies and Muppet Babies

In the Buddah Box episode, there was a song for the PC babies which was obviously based on the opening of the 2018 Muppet Babies.

Theme Song | Muppet Babies | Disney Junior
Theme Song | Muppet Babies | Disney Junior YouTube
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