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Kyle and Cartman: Arch Rivals

In the South Park Official wiki, Cartman and Kyle are labeled arch rivals, as well as in the episode Grounded Vindaloop, not frenemies, much less friendship. What I also don't get is that this wiki acts like Cartman doesn't entirely hate Kyle- which he does. They've provided accurate context of the selfish reasons why'd Cartman saved him. But Cartman has never tried to be civil with him one on one unless for putting aside hatred for a common goal, or a secret motive in mind. The only time this isn't true however is You're Getting Old but this blossoming friendship ends in Ass Burgers, bringing everything back to status quo. And I don't understand the statement of their hatred lessening, because if anything, it's gotten even more hateful (at least on Cartman's side). Episodes like Raising the Bar, Insecurity, Obama Wins!, Happy Holograms, The Poor Kid and most especially Ginger Cow have their rivalry all out and in no way softened.
I also don't understand the "deeper feelings" for Kyle part as well...Matt and Trey have specifically stated in the commentary that Cartman & sucking his balls bet was for humiliation only. And despite that- Cartman has a sort of lustful sadisim in regards to him that doesn't have any romantic feelings whatsoever.
So to claim there are deeper feelings isn't exactly accurate. He also has an obsession, yes, but hatred doesn't exclude that obsession either.

Just...Can someone please edit it? Or at least have a more open discussion of it?
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